Target 09.29.2019 – 10.05.2019

I Mayi MOISTURE Nourish Mctstare + Cooonat Ol SHAMPOO cocONUT& VANILL method body For ck Cty Ha t widrin 2Psony cose wate s tys atte A inaria ptrt pink 6 salt pure peace Free bady wash $5 OGiftCard TM TRESemm Dove

when you buy LISTERINE COOL MINT any four hair or personal care products s3.99 or more in store t deemea w Gillette extro Enooth 14 days of Sept. 29 thru Oct. 12 Obeauty deals GEL Expludes power shave and dental, hair

applances, Irial and travel products, Kristin Ess hair care and Harry’s and Flamingo shave products. Quantities imited; no rain checks Tama and conditions apply to git carda For data go to Turget GCard otter also available at Targetoom whon you

choose Order Pickup, Drive Lp or Sama Day Dallvary sarvices at chockout NATIVE SENSODYNE enus Buop 3

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