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Prices and promotions efective in these Philadelphia ShopRite locations: • Fox Street • Aramingo Ave. • Knorr Street • Morrell Plaza • Roxborough • Oxford & Levick • Whitman Plaza • Parkside • Oregon Ave. • Island Ave. mealtime 4 $

99 Wesson Oil by Newsweek 1-gal. btl., Corn, Canola or Vegetable 998 Large Snow Crab Clusters 2-lb. Bag Cape Gourmet Swai Fillet ShopRite Sale Price yourchoice SAVE UP TO 72? 4 98 1 DiGiorno Pizza 7 to 8-oz. pkg., Any Variety

18 to 31.6-oz. pkg., Any Variety (Excluding Thin & Crispy, Stufed Crust & Crispy Pan) 99 lb. Marie Callender’s Dinners 1-lb. pkg., Quarters, Salted or Unsalted (Excluding Organic) 3 $ 99 3 Store Sliced, Turkey Pastrami or ShopRite American Cheese 1

$ 99 $2.49 lb. -50? lb. lb. Limit 4-lbs. FINAL PRICE ShopRite Sale Price 2 $ 99 lb. 1 $ 49 2 4 to 6-lb. Avg., Fresh, Meaty, Breast Bone Removed Limit 4-lbs. lb. St. Louis Style Ribs Fresh, Pork lb. 1 8 $ 99 $ 99 Pork Spare Ribs $9.99

lb. -$1.00 lb. lb. FINAL PRICE PHILLY BEV TAX RECOVERY yourchoice LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Whole Fruit Novelties & PAY pt. cont., Any Variety (Excluding Non-Dairy) Good Humor Ice Cream Bars Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream 14-l. oz. cont., Any Variety 16 to 21-l. oz. pkg., Any Variety ea. Halo Top Ice Cream Discount will be applied when you buy in increments of

4 only. Less or additional items will scan at $2.99 each. pt. cont., Any Variety mixormatch FOR Less or additional items will MUST scan at $3.49 each. BUY 8.25 to 20-oz. box/bag/cont., Any Variety (Excluding Cereal Bars & Single Serve) SAVE $1.11 Keebler Cookies Final Retail with PHILLY BEV TAX RECOVERY

$3.91 ea. California SAVE $1.02 LIMIT 2 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY lb. FINAL PRICE 1 $ 97 5 2$ FOR Golden Pineapples Sweet Blueberries Whole 6-oz. cont. 3 $ 77 1 FOR 4 FOR 18.6 to 19-oz. can, Any Variety Less or additional items will MUST scan at $2.60 each. BUY 2 2 $ 88 14 to 16-oz. loaf (Excluding Deli Swirl) Any Variety ea. 1.00 Of 2 1 $ 88 SAVE UP TO $1.71 77? ea. LIMIT 4 OFFERS your

choice 250-ct. pkg., Any Variety ShopRite Zipper Sandwich Bags Limit 4 Ofers 32-oz. trigger btl., Glass Plus, 22-oz. trigger btl., Power and Free Multi-Purpose or Kitchen, 24-oz. btl. (Excluding Power Plus) Any Variety, Bowl Cleaner, 32-oz. All Purpose, 40-oz. All Purpose Deodorizing or 30 to 35-ct. pkg., Disinfecting Wipes & PAY LIMIT 4 ea. Discount will be applied when you buy in increments of 3 only. Less or additional items will scan at $1.99 each. Discount will be applied when you buy in increments of 4 only. Less or additional items

will scan at $1.99 each. 1 $ 00 5 $ 99 SAVE UP TO 80? 30 to 50-ct. box, Snack or Regular or Super Size Sandwich SAVE $4.35 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY ShopRite Decorated Plates Less or additional items will MUST scan at $4.99 each. BUY 3 $ 99 3 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 10 4-ct. C or D, 2-ct. 9-Volt or 8-ct. AA or AAA, Alkaline Frito Lay Party Size Snacks Tostitos Dips or Salsa 3 1 $ 88 SAVE $1.11 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY General Mills Medium Size Cereal Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks LIMIT 8 PER VARIETY 6 $ 00* at checkout when you buy two (2) participating items. $ 1799 Tide Laundry Detergent 56 to 64-oz. cont., 54 to 72-ct., Any Variety, Pods or 115-oz. btl., 10X or 138 to 150-oz., Liquid Bounty Towels Double Plus 8-Pack 720-tot. sht. ct. pkg., Double Plus 8-Pack, 1,104-tot. sht. ct., Equals

20 Regular Rolls, Select-A-Size, Huge Roll 8-Pack or Mega Roll 2-Pack Charmin Mega Roll Bath Tissue 18-Pack 5,112 to 5,148-tot. sht. ct. pkg., Equals 72 regular Rolls, Ultra Strong or Soft Your online shopping fee is… 4.5 to 8-oz. box (Excluding Simply Fruit) Any Variety FREE!* when you spend $10 or more on select Oui 4ct, Yoplait Multi-Packs and GoGurt. Nature Valley Granola Bars 6.7 to 8.98-oz. box (Excluding Protein Bars, Layered & Seasonal) Any Variety 2,400 to 3,600-tot. sht. pkg., Soft or Strong yourchoice Save an ADDITIONAL (WHERE AVAILABLE) 95-sq. ft. roll, Non-Stick, 130-sq. ft. Heavy Duty or 200-sq. ft. Regular Charmin Essentials Giant Roll Bath Tissue 12-Pack 1.00 Of $ Mfr. Coupon in Most Sunday Papers SAVE UP TO $3.00 9 to 20-oz. bag, Any Variety 1 288 to 324-tot. sht. ct. pkg., Equals 8 Regular Rolls, White or Prints LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Duracell Coppertop Batteries Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil $ 49 Bounty Essentials Big Roll Towels 6-Pack SAVE $4.00 3$ FOR SAVE $1.50 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 45 to 48-ct. pkg., 8.62 to 6.87 Inch, Extra Strength, Any Variety 405.6-oz. tot. wt. btls. (Plus Dep. or Fee Where Req.) 16.9-oz. Bottles LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 8.9-oz. box,

Original Cheerios, 10.8 to 10.9-oz. Honey Nut or Blueberry Cheerios, 11.25-oz. Cookie Crisp, 10.5-oz. Original Lucky Charms or 11.5-oz. (Excluding Seasonal) Reese’s Peanut Butter Pufs OFF when you buy 3 80-ct. box, Any Variety, Sheets or 64 to 72-oz. btl., Liquid Deer Park or Poland Spring Water 24-Pack Less or additional items will MUST scan at $3.99 each. BUY Mfr. Coupon in Most Sunday Papers ONLY Final Touch Fabric Softener 10 23 to 24-oz. jar, Any Variety $ THAT’S 14.1-oz. pkg., 20-ct. Dynamo Toss-Ins, Flicks or 60-oz. btl., Liquid & PAY LIMIT 4 OFFERS Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread 33 $ Dynamo Laundry Detergent Lysol Cleaning Products LIMIT 4 OFFERS LIMIT 4 OFFERS Campbell’s Chunky Soup 4 $ 77 1 Ajax Laundry Detergent Limit 4 Ofers 1 $ 99 SAVE $1.00 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 1-gal. btl., Any Variety, Fruit Juice Cocktail or Iced Tea 60-oz. btl., Any Variety, Liquid 3$ Regular Retails: 4.39 to 6.99 ea. Sale Retails: 2.19 to 3.49 ea. Arizona Gallon Iced Tea ShopRite Napkins 2$ 1 $ 88 PICK 1 $ 49 Limit 5-lbs. added at register on some varieties. PICK $1.99 lb. -50? lb. Entenmann’s Sale 2 6 to 13.7-oz. box, Any Variety 8.5 to 16.4-oz. pkg., Any Variety Red, Black or Green Seedless Grapes 1/2 PRICE 5 2$ LIMIT 4 OFFERS 6 to 15.35-oz. pkg. (Excluding Family Size) Any Variety LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY ShopRite Sale Price 2 $ 88 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 11 to 24-l. oz. pkg., Any Variety 499 33-oz., No Antibiotics Ever, Store Prepared, BBQ or Oven Roasted SAVE UP TO $1.81 24 to 36-l. oz. pkg., Any Variety $ Family Pack, Pork Loin, Boneless Northland Cranberry Juice $3.69 ea. Luigi’s Italian Ice Ritz Crackers ShopRite Kitchen Perdue Rotisserie Chicken 1-gal. btl., Any Variety added at register on some varieties. Klondike Ice Cream Bars Responsibly Raised, No Antibiotics Center Cut Pork Chops 1 $ 77 Hawaiian Punch Fruit Drink Final Retail with 14 to 27-l. oz. pkg., Any Variety, Sandwiches or Limit 4 Ofers Nabisco Oreo Cookies lb. LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY lb. Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillet $ 99 SAVE UP TO $1.52 1 $ 99 64-oz. btl., Any Variety, 100 Juice Blends 4 $ 99 1 PICK ShopRite Sale Price yourchoice $ 99 lb. Store Sliced, Yellow or White Green Asparagus SAVE 70? LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 10.5 to 16-oz. pkg. (Excluding 10-oz. and 16-oz. Pot Pies) Any Variety, One Dish Butterball Turkey Ham Frozen, Kosher, Wild Caught SAVE 50? LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY ShopRite Butter 1-lb. Bag Cape Gourmet Salmon Fillet Frozen, Kosher, Wild Caught 10 to 16-oz. pkg., Any Variety, Riced or (Excluding Asparagus Spears) LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY LIMIT 4 99? Hanover Vegetables SAVE 50? SAVE 50? 2-lb. Bag Cape Gourmet Whiting Fillet Fresh, Pork Loin California Pizza Kitchen 2 99 LIMIT 4 477 $ Kraft Shredded Cheese $ 99 6 SAVE $1.00 Pork Baby Back Ribs SAVE $1.22 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 13.4 to 15.5-oz. pkg., Any Variety FINAL PRICE $ Tender yourchoice $ 77 6 to 8-oz. pkg., Any Variety 9 Limit 4-lbs. 2 $ 99 SAVE $1.50 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY ShopRite Chunk Cheese $11.99 lb. -$2.00 lb. $ 5 to 8-oz. clusters, Frozen, Wild Caught Frozen, Individually Wrapped, BAP Certiied $ LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Beef Loin, Bone-In $ LIMIT 4 SAVE $1.90 28 to 32-oz. cont., Part Skim, Whole Milk or Low Fat LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY SAVE $2.00 1 $ 99 Galbani Ricotta 67.6-oz. tin, Regular Porterhouse or T-Bone Steak 24-oz. jar, Any Variety (Excluding Organic & Chef Collection) 16-oz. pkg., Part Skim or Whole Milk (Excluding 12-oz. Fresh and Sliced Mozzarella) LIMIT 4 lb. FINAL PRICE Victoria Pasta Sauce Galbani Mozzarella 99 Botticelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil 99 15 to 16-oz. jar, Any Variety 1 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY SAVE $1.00 4 $ Limit 5-lbs. your choice Victoria Simmering Sauce $ 99 SAVE UP TO $1.41 9 $7.99 lb. -$3.00 lb. 2 $ 99 SAVE $1.50 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY 21.5-oz. jar, Any Variety, Cheese Creations or 45-oz. Red LIMIT 4 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY SAVE UP TO 76? Ragu Pasta Sauce $ USDA CHOICE BEEF 99 ? 8.5-oz. pouch, Any Variety, Fully Cooked, Ready Pasta or 12-oz. to 1-lb. box (Excluding Chickpea, Lentil, Gluten Free, Plus, Collezione, Jumbo Shells & Lasagna) Regular, Whole Grain or Veggie Pasta FALL FAMILY MEALS 1 $ 99 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Barilla Pasta ON SALE SUNDAY, 9/29 THRU SATURDAY, 10/5 FINAL PRICE with Digital Coupon 20-oz. squeeze btl. or 24 to 30-oz. jar (Excluding Vegan) Any Variety LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY Named America’s Best Customer Service -$1 DIGITAL COUPON Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise SAVE UP TO $3.00 1-Z12URBS ShopRite Sale Price 2 $ 99 Sale Price: • Front & Olney • Roosevelt Blvd. • Bridge & Harbison $ 3999 SAVE $7.00 LIMIT 8 PER VARIETY Pampers Diapers Enormous Value Pack 86 to 168-ct. box, Any Variety yourchoice 499 $ SAVE $1.80 LIMIT 4 PER VARIETY *$10.00 additional purchase required (excluding fuel, P&G items and items prohibited by law.) $6.00 savings is on your total purchase. All purchases must be made in one transaction with your Price Plus club card . Limit 4 Ofers. Valid 9/29/19 – 10/5/19. OFFER VALID SUN., 9/29 THRU SAT., 10/5/19. *$50 or more minimum cart required (excludes gift card purchases). Ofer valid for orders placed and picked up or delivered 9/29/19 thru 10/5/19. Limit 1 per customer. Delivery fees additional. Visit or store for details. Prices, programs and promotions efective Sun., Sept. 29 thru Sat., Oct. 5, 2019 in the ShopRite® Stores of Bridge & Harbison, Fox Street, Aramingo Ave., Knorr St., Morrell Plaza, Roxborough, Front & Olney, Roosevelt Blvd., Oxford & Levick, Whitman Plaza, Parkside, Oregon Ave. and Island Ave., 1-Z12URBS PA. Sunday sales subject to local blue laws. No sales made to other retailers or wholesalers. We reserve the right to limit purchases of any sale item to four (4) purchases, per item, per household, per day, except where otherwise noted. Minimum or additional purchase requirements noted for any advertised item exclude the purchase of prescription medications, gift cards, postage stamps, money orders, money transfers, lottery tickets, bus tickets, fuel and Metro passes, as well as milk, cigarettes, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or any other items prohibited by law. Only one manufacturer coupon may be used per item and we reserve the right to limit manufacturer coupon redemptions to four (4) identical coupons per household per day, unless otherwise noted or further restricted by manufacturer. Sales tax is applied to the net retail of any discounted item or any ShopRite® coupon item. We are required by law to charge sales tax on the full price of any item or any portion of an item that is discounted with the use of a manufacturer coupon or a manufacturer sponsored (or funded) Price Plus® club card discount. Not responsible for typographical errors. Artwork does not necessarily represent items on sale; it is for display purposes only. Copyright© Wakefern Food Corp., 2019. All rights reserved. Digital Coupon savings can be loaded to your Price Plus® club card IN STORE at the service desk, kiosk or contact 1-800-ShopRite.

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