Rouses 05.31.2017 – 06.07.2017

ROUSES MARKETS WHERE THE CHEFS SHOR put a lot of emphasis on the ingredients that go into the dishes I serve. I want to find out the story behind each one. Rouses puts the same emphasis on the ingredients it sells.

They know exactly where their food comes from.” -Chef Peter Sclafani, Ruffino’s FINAL WEEK of our Last Chance to Enter to Win Great Prizes Food Samplings Store Giveaways TEXAS STAR BEEF-BONELESS VALUE PACK ROUSES New York Exclusively Strip Steak atRoses Bone-In

Sirloin Pork Chops LB Raised on the Texas Gulf Coast. Leaner with a boid flavor Value Pack Gal Richt GRADE 674 PLUMP USDA GRADE A-1DOZEN $197 ouse: Seedless ve Rouses Large Egg White Grapes Grapes are a deliclous way to cool

aff on a warm summer day! Our private label offers great value on everyday essentials LOCAL LOCAL Honey Nut Cheerios OATS NATURE VALLEY CRUNCHY NOW .1-12.25 0Z General Mills Cereal or Breakfast Bars GULF COAST FARM RAISED Double D Smoked SausageEA. Catfish Fillets Fresh EA. PUR CANE SGas ora southerm cane

$177Roe$297 4 LB BAG Southern Cane Sugar 8-14 02 SELECTED FIORA PictSweet EA.or 12 Roll Tissue EA. Vegetables EA. CIAO DOWN AT Kouses. Authentic Italian Products Cat Right4o Colavita Olive Oil urm Cavit Assorted Varietals AGED 24 MONTHS Reggiano Parmigiano CATr $097 $097 Rouses Weekly Ad Prices run Wednesday through Wednesday. PRICES GOOD MAY JUNE Stay in Tck withR @RousesMarkets . #Rouses Quantity rights reserved. None sold to dealers. Not responsible for typographical errors.

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