Ralphs 09.25.2019 – 10.01.2019

Fresh food. Low prices. 3.97. Ralphs Flash Sale! Thursday, Sept. 26 Only SAVE Batterfinger 50 Reeses Halloween Jumbo Bag Candy 15-24.9 oz Bags WIGKERS lb WITH CARD From Regular Prices with card While supplies last Boneless Chuck Roast or Steaks or

Boneless London Brol, Beef Round USDA CHOICE 88 lb WITH CARD Fresh Foster Farms Split Chicken Breasts, Drumsticks, Thighs or Whole Fryer Bone-In, Value Pack 5.99 Extra Large EZ Peel Shrimp lb 21-25 ct, Raw 99? 69? Hass Avocados or Organic

Hass Avocados with Card WITH CARD ea WITH CARD La GrvezaPacfico PACIFICO KVE2 WITH CARD 6 oz Blackberries 4 18 Cuties Cbora LIGHT Cuttes Coors 3.99 BUD LIGHT 18 ays Kettle Cooked 3 lb Cuties Seedless Mandarins ays WITH CARD 12.99

Lay’s Barbecue Classic 10/$10 Annies WITH CARD WITH CARD Coors Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite or Tecate 18-Pack, 12 floz Cans or Bottles or Pacifico, 12-Pack, 12 floz Cans or Bottles; Select Varieties, Plus CRV MUST BUY 3 Campbell’s Condensed Soup 10.5-11.5 oz or Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese, 5.25-6 oz Shells&

ite Cheddar FINAL COST GREEN PENS 1.88 Campbcla Lay’s Potato Chips 5-8 ozor Lay’s Kettle ea Cooked Potato Chips, 8 oz Seloct Varieties ngabley or Kroger Vegatables, 12 o Select Varieties ? WITH CARD When you buy mutiples of 3 in the same transaction with Card. Other quantites will be priced at $2.79 each with Card. FRIDAY& SATURDAY ONLY! MIX

Download coupon at Ralphs.com or on our app. September 25-28. 1.99 -1.00 |WITH CARD QUAKER what a deal BUY 5 Redeem September 27 & 28 only. STANT OATEAL MAPLE SUGAR 99c CHEWY SAVE $5 ea WHEN YOU BUY ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Quaker Instant Oatmeal 8-12 ct or

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars. 5-8 ct 2.99 L for he tags o100 of MIX & MATCH participating items in multiples of 5 with Card. SAVE UN Ba 1.99 Participing item reties and sines may vary by store Freschetta WITH CARD & DIGITAL COUPON Select Viriates USE CA 3.99 -1.00 WTH CARD yasso 5 USE DIGITAL COUPON UP TO 5X IN OHE TALANACTION 3.99 -1.00 WITH CARD Irozen GREEK fairlife 2.99 Freschetta Pizza 2.99 LAND LAKES 20.28-2883 oz or Private Seloction Stone-Fired

Pizza 15.3-19.3 c Select Varieties Woekdy sale price without digital couporn is S3-99-54.99 wth Card Whia supplihas last Hloge Den ea WHEN YOU BUt ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD WHEN YOU BIY ANY 5 PARTICPATING TEMS WITH CARD LAND LAKES Breyers lce Cream 48 o or Hagen-Da lce Cream, 14 f-oz or O Frozen Grook Yogurt Bars 4 d Select Variatios Land O’ Lakes Breyers Butter or Spread lla 12-16 o or Fairlfe Mk 52o Seloct arigtios 1.49 2.79 -1.00 WITH CARD 2.99 -1.00 WITH CARD ea WITH CARD &DIGITAL

COLRPON FROSTED FLAKES 1.79 USE 1.99 Simartf USE DIGITAL COUPON UP TO 5X IN ONE TRANSACTION T To5 Doritos www. cn WHEN YOU BUY ANY 5 PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD 7UP WHEN YOU BUY ANYS PARTICPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Doritos 925-9.75 oz 6-Pack, 16.9 fl oz Battios or 6-Pack, 7.5fl oz Cans Seloct Varieties, Plus CFV Kellogg’s or Special K Cereal 105-18 oz or Simple Tnuth Organic Appla Juca, 641 0 Select Varieties Weoky sale price without digital coupon is $2.49 oach ath Cand. Pus CA While suppliss ast or Smartfood Popcom E-10.5 aSeledt Varietes $1 EARN up to OFF GET YOUR FLU& SHINGLES VACCINATIONS SALE DATE: Sam Wednesday, Septewmber 25 mrough midinight Tesday, October 1, 2019 per gallon of fuel! fordey! The program can be moditied or dicontinued at any time without notice. Restrictions apply. VRalp.com/el er delails Valid at participating Shell stations, or a maximum of 35 galons poste

ede Appice s igdon uaur Hpos i n te init A e fronrthe c ac monyr pogp No appointment needod. Vist Raiphs.com/uaeinations lor nore inormation Shingles vaccine than limied quantitien, vinit or call your Pharmaciet Sr availability 1008 1934 RAMSB TIMES

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