O’Reilly Auto Parts 09.25.2019 – 10.29.2019

OReilly ! SUPER START MONTH AUTO PARTS BATTERY PROFESSIONAL PARTS PEOPLE Prices effective September 25-0ctober 29, 2019 Precios validos de septiembre 25-octubre 29, 2019 DOUBLE POINTS $33 99 $28 99 EASY Valvo Valvoline Full Synthetic 5 Quarts and a WIX Filter

EASY POUR Valvoline Conventional 5 Quarts and a MicroGard Filter 4 Valvoline Valvoline 5 cuartos de aceite 100 sintetico y un filtro WIX 5 cuartos de aceite convencional FULL SYNTHETIC FULL SYNTHETIC y un filtro MicroGard Valvoline Valvoline HIGH MILEAGE DOUBLE

POINTS ADVANCED $34.99 SW-30 DOUBLE POINTS HIGH MILEAGE CONVENTIONAL $28 99 esw-30 ALTO MILLAJE 2dexos SUS T- MOTOR OIL MAXLIFE DAILY PROTECTION 2dexos $4 Valvoline Full Synthetic High Mileage 5 Quarts and a WIX Filter2 5 cuartos de aceite 100

sintetico de alto millaje y un filtro WIX eesw-30 SW-30 WIX MOTOR OIL Valvoline MaxLife 5 Quarts and a MicroGard Filter 5 5 cuartos de aceite MaxLife y un filtro MicroGard MOTOR OIL PLUS Get a Gift Card with purchase UPGRADE TO K& 5NS oT-4.7 LTER S U.S OT 73 $10

MICROGARD -OR XE WIX $2 Includes WIX filters up to $8.99, higher priced filters will increase the sale price. Limit 2 oil& filter specials. After Mail-In Rebate. Limit 2 WIX UPGRADE TO rebates per household. Includes MicroGard oil filters up to $5.99, higher priced filters will increase the sale price. Limit 2 oil &filter specials. SUPER START Get Up To A

$25 Gift Card When You Buy A Battery See Page 6 For Details DOUBLE POINTS DOUBLE POINTS $4 99 Armor AIl $6.49 SAVE $8 PER PAIR $10 99 49 Protectants Each Protectores ARM 10160 Original 18512 Tranquil Skies 16 oz. 78000 Ultra Shine 78173 Detailer 78511 Cool Mist 78529 New Car

Each Gallon 16 oz 21 WD-40 Penetrating Lubricant Lubricante 21 Peak Long Life Universal Pre-Mixed Antifreeze & Coolant Anticongelante universal prediluido de larga vida AFZ PK50/50LL10X 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz 16 oz ON Rain X Latitude penetrante WD 49002 8 oz. WD-40 Wiper Blades Ahorra $8 en la compra de un par de limpiaparabrisas Rain X Latitude Limit 12 units PEAK ARMORA PRAYSWAYS ORALUL ESHENING ectant eMORALL Fresheing DTECTANT ARMORALL ORIGINAL HINE ARMOR PROTEC 10x z DETAIL ET SAVE

$1 30 Must purchase 2 or more for sale price SAVE $2 O’Reilly Auto Parts Better Parts… Better Prices, Everyday!M WK 1939 OF LATITUDE LATITUDE

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