Mariano’s 09.25.2019 – 10.01.2019

FRESH OUN DYS MARIANO’S BLACK ANGUS BEEF BER MARIANOS SIGNATURE hurebero cheice FRESH STORE MADE HOT PRICE! 00 0 7.88 b 3.99 WITH CARD USDA Choice Black Angus Bone-In Rih Roast or Steak Family Packs small packs also available for $8.88

lb. WITH CARD Caramel Apples Zeigler’s Apple Cider allon AFPLE CuER 4.99 AFFLE CIDER 1.99M WITH CARD WITH CARD Green Asparagus EMPS Kemps Ice Cream sclected 48oz varieties TMAPR5 ProdectCaermrela OLD HIONED ILLA KEMPS BUY GET of equal or leaser value.

YFREE pouBLe FUDGE MOOSE TRACKS HOT PRICE! WITH CARD 996 USDA ORGANIC Simple Truth Organic Eggs or Organic Milk seleeted doenor WITH CARD wmcebruth Red or Green Seedless Grapes crganic truth organic 2 WHOLEM 9 e Iran Mik 2.99 90 LEAN

WITH CARD Cap o Lays Lays Kettk Cooke lays avy 3.99AM Lay’s Potato or Kettle Chips ected 5-8 o Varieties INA! ORIGINAL WITH CARD 1.88ea Fresh 80 Lean Ground Sirloin ald in 3 16. 0r larger pls Classic WHEN YOU BUY 3 OR IN MULTIPLES OF 3 WITH CARD JUMBO Avocados

Mexico Pepsior TUP selected24 pk 12 c can varieties 24 HOT PRICE! T1.99 Ttgy 5.99 ea pepsi WHEN YOU BUY 2 WITH CARD LIMIT 4 ea 24i WITH CARD Jumbo Pineapple or Jumbo Avocados Flash Sale! September 26 only Jumbo TW EAICKERS Caramel Bag Candy selected varieties ightg Butterfinger Reeses er BUY GET of equal or lesser value 50 OfFF FREE AlmondJoy

SNCKERS A CDUNS TURKEY WITH CARD Fresh Jennie-0 93 Lean Ground Turkey NO LIMIT! WITH CARD 18 cz PRICES VALID Wednesday 09/25 to Tuesday 10/01/2019 STORE HOURS: DAILY Ban-10pm | PHARMACY HOURS: M-F: 9am-8pm, SATURDAY: Sam-8pm, SUNDAY: 10am-5pm 1934 MARI

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