Fry’s 09.25.2019 – 10.01.2019

more save frus Flash Sale! Thursday, Sept. 26 only WAYS TO SAVE Batterfinger FOOD STORES 50 Reeses Halloween Jumbo Bag Candy Select Varieties 15-24.9 oz Bags Fuel Points Digital Coupons SNCKERS Great Sales From Regular Prices with card Whide supplies last

97? lb WITH CARD SweeTango or Envy Apples 2.97 lb U.S.DA CHOICE WITH CARD Boneless Chuck Roast or Boneless Chuck Steaks, Super Value Pack, $3.97 lb TICE e NATURAL Delifresh 1.97 Assorted Ooen Roasted T T Pork Chops lb Bone-n, Natural

or Fresh Ground Beef, 73 Lean WITH CARD Sold in a 5 b Roll for $9.85 77c Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh or Carving Board Lunch Meat Pepote2/$5 WITH CARD ea or Natural Lunch Meat, Select Varketies, 7-9 oz oepsi ExRS WITH

CARD Large Hass Avocados or Organic Avocados, 2/$3 with Card 20 Cans Coca-Cola fres PURICO DRINKINGWATER cans WHEN YOU BUY 2 FINAL COST 2/$5 4.99 Fry’s Purified Water 32-Pack, 16.9 f oz Coo LIGHT Tite WITH CARD WHEN YOU BUY 4 ea FINAL COST Hops Barley Water Rce 88. ROCKSTE ENERGY

DP GNT WITH CARD ea Coca-Cola or Pepsi WITH CARD PURE LEAE 13.99 Bud, Coors, Miller or Tecate Select Varieties 18-Pack, 12 oz Bottles or Cans Select Varieties, 20-Pack, 12 l oz Cans Gatorade, G2 or G Zero 20i oz or Rockstar Energy Drink, 16oz or Pure Leaf Tea, 18.5 fl oz or Lifewater, 23.7 loz: Select Varieties R WITH CARD

Whon you buy multiples of 2 in the same transaction with Card. Other quantities will be priced at $6.99 each with Card. When you buy in multiples of 4 in the same tansaction with Card Quantties not purchased in mutipies of 4 wil be $1.49-229 ch with Card 1.99 -1.00 mix

WITH CARD DOWNLOAD digital coupons on our website or app, Wednesday through Saturday FRIDAY& SATURDAY QUAKER 5 or more ONLY! 99 48STANT OAT MEA MAPLE Redeem September 27 & 28 only participating items with Card. DIGITAL DEAL dod ea Partiopating itmarieties and sinesmy viry by stone WHEN YOU BUY 5 OR MORE PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Quaker Instant Oatmeal 8-12 ct or Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 5-8 ct or BUY 5 SAVE $5 CHEWY 2.99 L SAVE more save LOOK

FOR THESE TAGS EAND 1.99 Kelogg’s Pop Tarts, 6-8 ct Select Varieties WITH CARD & DIGITAL COUPON Freschelta USE 2.99 -1.00 USE DIGITAL COUPON UP TO 5X IN ONE TRANSACTION 5 F WITH CARD yasso 2.99 1.00 WITTH CARD frozen GREEK Hogur Freschetta Pizza 2028-30.83 cz or Private Selection Stone-Fired Pizza, 15.3-19.3 oz Select Varieties 1.99 LAND LAKES 1.99 Wooky sale price without digital coupon is $3.99 each ith Carct Whie supplies last ea WHEN YOU BUY s OR AKES ea MORE PARTICIPATING TEMS WITH CARD WHEN YOU BUY 5 OR MORE

PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD LAND LAKES Breyers lee Cream 48 oz or Hgan-Dazs lce Cream, 14 or or Yasso Frozen Grook Yogurt Birs, 4 ct Soloct Viriotios Bregers Land O’ Lakes 1.49 Butter or Spread Select Varieties, 12-16 c TTT BUTTEN tr ea WITH CARD & DIGITAL COUPON 2.77 -1.00 5.99 -1.00 WITH CARD WITH CARD USE S USE DIGITAL COUPON UP TO 5X IN ONE TRANSACTION 7o 5 KEURIGHOT 1.77 4.99 PIKE PLACE Smarfird 7UP 6-Pack, 16.9 tl oz Bottles ea ea www.cp WHENYOU BU 5 OR MORE PARTIOPATING ETEMS WITH CARD WHEN YOU BUY 5OR MORE PARTICIPATING ITEMS WITH CARD Dorites digital coupon is up to $249ech r 5-Pack, 7.5 floz Cans ith Card. While supplies last Wookly sale price without Peets K Select Varieties Starbucks Coffee PIHIS LACE Doritos 9-12 Eg or KCups, 6-10 ct or Poets Coffoe, 10-12 aBg a KC 10 ct Scoct Varieties 926-11.25 or

Smartood Popcom, 5-8.5 o: Soect Varioties more save SALE DATE: Wadnesday, Septemnber 25 through Tuesday, October 1, 2019 GET YOUR foy! FLU VACCINATIONS Prices and items effective at your local Fry’s store No appointment needed. Visit for more information Shinglas vaccine has limited quntities, visit or call your PhammacY for availabiity NONE SOLD TO DEALERS WE RESERME THE AIGHT TO LIMIT OUANTITIES AND CORRECT FRINTED ERRORS COPTREGHT 2019. KROGER LIMITED PARINERSHPL 1934 FFPBH 20 1008 TIMES

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