Fiesta Foods SuperMarkets 09.25.2019 – 10.01.2019

Fiesta Foods Celebra los valores. Celebrate values. COUPONS VALID SEPTEMBER 25 OCTOBER 1, 2019 PRICES EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 25 H Outyour local Fiesta FoooNS! or ers touT weekyour local Fiesta FoooNS! 2i$4 for our ut your local Fiesta FoodNS! 48? *VOID** **VOID**

$500 **VOID** cheweky nnas **VOID** out yo Check o SMORcal F COLRONS! a Products MayChe MOKINHsta FooNS! -2$5 **VOID** OKIN’ HOT Socweekyour local Fiesta FopONS! ortillas *VOID** 2F$ 6 for w e o ewith Lime $199 Tu familia merece las frutas

y verduras mas frescas. Your family deserves the freshest produce $3.98 lb OW AVAILABLE AT FIESTA ROO TAR RANCH ANG $TS.D.A CHOICE 158 98 288 U.S.D.A. $3.98 CHOICE $2.8.3 Pork Chops Variedad de chuletas de puerco, FRIDAY lb Ib Tyson

Previously Frozen Whole FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 Chicken Fryer Pollo entera previamente congelado Value Pack Beef Whole in the Bag Bee Cross Rib Roast T-Bone Steak STAR RANH ANGUS Tri-Tip Steak Bistec de Res 29 1 28 $4 98 889 589 Large Tomatoes Tomaes grandes Cilantro Cerveza y Vino

Beer & Wine Sweet Yellow Onions Red Potatoes 1.75d Bentle Whiskey $14.98 25taomtle Buchanas 12 YOld 20p12 on Cm Vodka 12 p, 120n Cm Scotch 12pt 12 on Botty Beer Beer Bud Light & Coors Light $898 Modelo Beer 12 Modelo $26 98 d12 Beer ULTRA $14 98 98 14.48 Coo boost $98 LIGHT S epinz oNDIGO TECH always on portal

vIP. Available at all Prices effective the week of September 25. October 1, 2019 of our locations wed thur friatsun mon tues Open Every Day 6:00 AM- Midnight 25 26 27 28 29 30 1 Pasco. .509-547-5356 Festa Foods cannot be held responsible for typographical or pictorial emrors Quantity limit rights

reserved, Fiesta Foods 2019. Products subject to availability 115 S. 10th Ave, Pasco WA Prices valid at our Pasco, Sunnyside and Yakima Locations. Sunnyside. .509-836-2257 2010 Yakima Valley Hwy, Sunnyside WA Money Orders Utility Payments Check Cashing Fax Services Lottery Yakima 509-654-7500 Nob Hill & Fair Ave Intersection Yakima WA

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